Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eating Bagels

I have been living in NY for almost 3 years, and during that I could count on my fingers the times that I ate bagels. for many reasons, (my A1C and my waistline) I just stayed away from then- I mean you should have seen my reaction when my Dr. told me that a typical NY bagel had 90 carbohydrates- that people is equivalent to 6 (yes SIX) pieces of bread. But recently right on the way to my subway stop a new bagel place opened up, for its first few months I avoided it, but then one day, I got a bagel and the next week I got another bagel, this my friends has been going on for a few weeks, which means that I am running out of fingers to count on.
Breakfast is always the hardest meal for me, because you are battling the morning blood sugar rise, coupled with the times that I work out in the morning and make insulin adjustments for all of it. I often rotate through periods of eating eggs, yogurt or oatmeal, and they all have different affects on my body, and now I am learning to tackle the bagel- and has enough carbo load in it so that I am set (remember 6 pieces of bread).
I really am becoming a New Yorker, except I get the eye when I ask for my bagel with sprouts, avocado and tomato:)


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    1. yeah not really but that is what she told me and it scared me. Eating bagels for me is best done while riding!